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Local Businesses to Support

If you would like to see a more comprehensive list of local businesses, check out Wild 949’s Support the Bay where they separate businesses into categories of “Food & Beverage,” “Automotive Repairs & Transportation,” Health & Well-being + Local Retail,” and “Home Improvement & Services.”

Disclaimer: I have not personally gone to most of these restaurants before or during the quarantine so I cannot guarantee the quality of the food. However, I have based my research on food articles that review or rank restaurants for the locations that I have not been to.


  • Food: pizza

  • Location: multiple (Saratoga, San Jose, Sunnyvale)

  • Services: curbside pick-up, catering

  • Social Media: Website

Lush Gelato

  • Food: gelato & ice-cream

  • Location: multiple (San Francisco, Berkeley)

  • Services: in-store takeout, delivery, gift card

  • Social Media: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Curbside Creamy (vegan option)

Kenji Sushi

  • Food: Japanese sushi

  • Location: San Jose

  • Services: delivery & take-out

  • Social Media: Website

The Vegan Hood Chefs

  • Food: vegan

  • Location: San Francisco-based pop-up

  • Services: private catering & delivery (every Sunday from 3-6 pm)

  • Social Media: Website | Instagram

Roastery Café (Chromatic Coffee)

  • Food: drinks/coffee

  • Location: San Jose

  • Services: in-store takeout, order coffee grinds/blends & subscriptions online on their website

  • Social Media: Website | Instagram

Henry’s Hunan

  • Food: Chinese

  • Location: San Francisco

  • Services: takeout, curbside pickup

  • Social Media: Website | Facebook

By: Esther Duong, Social Representative for Design and Connections

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